Pool Status


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Pool Hours

 8 Am to 10 Pm

May 7th

3rd and last coat is complete. curing time is 3 days then we can fill pool and start the system again.
Once water is tested and passed, we will open the pool.
Area still needs to be cleaned as well as all the furniture.
If anyone one is interested in helping, please let us know.
Repairs to the pool deck have to be done, but can be completed while the pool is open.
More work needs to be done to the area but time and money is a factor.




May 5,2019

The patching and repairs of the pool as well as the first coat of epoxy has been completed.  Last nights rain has delayed the second coating but we do not anticipate a delay in the opening date of the pool.  



Aquatics of SC

Is the selected contractor working on our pool.

Work started on Monday due to delays with weather at their other projects.

Patching work is almost complete. There were many issues with the floor of the pool, each day more repairs had to be completed as more defects in the floor were found. We need to be confident that there will not be any issues once the work is completed so we have taken a few extra days to ensure this.

Tony from Aquatics is confident he can start the final stage of the work tomorrow. Once completed it will need 3 days to fully cure, then we can begin to fill the pool again.

Once the pool if filled Rebels pools will come in and balance and condition the water and filter system to pass DHEC inspection.

Once this is completed the pool will reopen.

We expect that to happen before next weekend if we do not find anymore issues.


We will be at the pool house this Saturday 5/4/19 from 10am to 2pm


A contractor has been selected and scheduled for the new coating to the pool.

Aquatic Technology will be starting on Wednesday 4-24-2019 weather permitting.

 This work is expected to take one week to complete.

 The pool is scheduled to be drained before hand.

A leak is suspected in the pool area and we have been testing and trying to find it before the work is started. 

The old keys that you have are no longer valid. New ones will be issued.

You may request a new key through the web site, at



Visit the pool house on Saturday and Sunday between 10am - 2pm.

Maureen has added all the homes to the new data base so it will only takes minutes to process a key, once the data has been verified.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these issues.


Our normal opening date of 4-15-2019 will be delayed

Resurfacing of the pool is needed before it can be opened,

of the three contractors we have requested quotes from last month. 

Only one company has provided us with a quote.

We are required to get at least another competing bid before moving forward on a vote.

We would like to have at least three bids before starting any work.

Normally after a certain time if we do not receive any other bids we would hire the contractor that provided us with one.

Due to issues with some homeowners at this time thinking we favor certain contractors that do work in our neighborhood, we do not want anyone to assume we are not doing our job to get the best price and work possible for our community.

Once we get another quote we will move forward on the repairs as soon as possible and will update you on that schedule.

Last year the pool was only used by a few individuals during the month of April due to water temps being so cold.