The Architectural Control Committee shall have the right to approve the location, color, size, design, lettering and all other particulars of receptacles for the receipt of mail, newspapers or similarly delivered materials, and of the name signs for such receptacles, as well as property identification markers.


2.1.7  Mailboxes must be built according to ARB design and specifications. ARB Guidelines permit only Black mailboxes and Post can be Natural wood or White Post.

In an effort to bring one standard to the neighborhood and have a consistent look throughout.

The board is looking at a new Mailbox and Post design. 

Please contact us before replacing  your Mailbox or Post

Mailboxes may be similar to the ones picture below

Post may be similar to the ones pictured below. The wooded ones may be painted White only

House number must be on the mailbox post. Recommended Number is a reflective panel for faster identification by first responders. Mounted on the front of the post so as to be seen from either side..